Perfectly formed

Gebrüder Berens manufactures on a modern automated machine park (150kN-4,000kN) technically sophisticated thermoplastic precision articles.

The weight of the manufactured articles ranges from 0,5 g -1,200g. We serve all major industries. Our articles are used in the automotive, household, heating and sanitary industry as well as in the furniture and electronic industry. A combination of metal and plastic articles is common practice for us. A wide choice of colours within our Masterbatch management is another characteristic of us. Precise colour evaluation is performed by means of particular measuring devices.

Our large raw material range enables us to choose the right material for your application. Gebrüder Berens purchases its raw material exclusively from well-known and approved suppliers. This means that Gebrüder Berens always achieves a constantly high level of quality. The particular polymers of course, can also be filled with talcum, made conductive, hardly inflammable or glass-fiber reinforced.

In recent times, it is becoming more and more popular to use high-performance material for components instead of metal. High-temperature resistant thermoplastics are therefore used for the automotive and aircraft industry.

It was only then that new explored sophisticated technical developments were realized. Gebrüder Berens fulfils in this area high requirements with regard to quality and especially the characteristics of the material that are important for safety.


Automotive Industry

Experience Mobility – Develop the Future

Plastic parts make a significant contribution for the technical light-weight systems and add-on components in the automotive sector. Technical injection moulding parts enable a lot of sophisticated design as well as economical component solutions.

A fast reaction time, highest performance and a special knowledge in the field of glass-fiber and mineral reinforced polymers characterizes the automotive sector. Gebrüder Berens develops

tailor-made solutions for various applications, greatest comfort as well as a feel-good atmosphere.

Sanitary Industriy

Injection moulding parts for highest demands

Gebrüder Berens develops and produces long-lasting solutions for the sanitary and heating industry.

We are a reliable partner for significant technical water-bearing parts due to our long-term experience.

Gebrüder Berens supports your projects right from the idea up to the serial production.

Furniture Industry

Your idea - our perfect design

The furniture industry develops and offers a wide range of products. The different requirements regarding the material are perfectly covered through the injection moulding processes. The production of high quantities on a continuously high-quality level can be achieved without any difficulties. Our service also includes the galvanizing, vaporizing, painting of the plastic parts.

Customized-finishing is also possible.

Electronic Industry

Plastic is the perfect material for a lot of applications in the electronic industry. We therefore offer a wide range of different materials for this special type of industry. Gebrüder Berens purchases its raw material exclusively from well-known and approved suppliers.

Besides the good insulating power / capability